I tried the first Windlands demo  some months ago when I got my DK1 and I liked it but I didn’t spend a lot of time in it because I wanted to try all the good stuff of the Oculus Share at the same time. Today I downloaded their latest build and I just got blown away by the new features and the size of the map. I love everything in it. The art direction is amazing. Although the style is cartoonish, it feels “real” because everything is at its place. The level design is original and challenging. Struggling with the hooks to reach a higher point of view is really fun. This demo is a nice example of gameplay made for VR. When you go from tree to tree with the hooks, it feels natural to look at the next branch before sending your next hook. Most of the demo I play are one-shots but I ll go back in Windlands for sure.

Infos and Download :