I usually don’t write hardware or gadgets reviews because there are enough talented people on the internets who unpack stuff on youtube. Yet, I wanted to say how pleased I am with the Homido VR Headset and the people behind it.
As a developer, I usually show a cardboard versions of my  demos when I go to meetups or conventions. I started with a handmade mutant then I got an official Google cardboard which was too small for my Oneplus One. I then tried the I Am Cardboard Bigger Version but its FOV is just a joke. At that time I dived into Reddit to find out what was the best Mobile VR Headset and I found out about the Homido. I made sure it was compatible with my phone and had some friendly emails from the french people who created the headset. I ordered it in February and I am really pleased with it.
The 100° FOV is really nice and the quality of the lenses is way better than the cardboard ones. On top of it, these lenses are adjustables to fit the position of your eyes. The quality of the materials is really good and the headset is not too heavy so it keep its position on your nose. The only negative point I can think of is the lack of magnet to trigger actions in some VR apps but if you have a regular cardboard you can glue the magnet inside the headset and use the trigger between the headband and the lense adjustment wheel.

The main reason I wanted to give a thumb up to Homido is because last week I was at a VR Meetup in Brussels with the two friends I work with on VR demos and they both recieved an Homido Headset from their sales rep. So now they can test the new versions of our demos on their phones.

Very nice gesture Homido Guys ! You are now our official sponsor ! 😀