Flick Sim

I recently read Ready Player One and I was struck by the concept of “Flick Sim”. The idea of revisiting the environments of cult movies or TV show in Virtual Reality is really exiting. You can already visit the Millennium Falcon and the bridge of the Enterprise. Quentin Lengele, a belgian developer, is bringing the concept to the next level by recreating the apartment of Deckard in the SF classic Blade Runner. We just celebrated LOST 10th anniversary … it’s time to go back and revisit the hatch !

The Hatch

Whether you liked the final season or not, I am sure that most of you got hooked by the mysteries of the LOST island . At the end of the first season we were left with an opened hatch and no clue about what was inside. The opening of season two was one of best sequence of the show: An old computer is beeping. A man wakes up to press keys on the keyboard and the beeping stops. Then he puts a song on his record player and starts his morning routine until … the explosion caused by Locke at the end of season one.

So … Here is the plan

There is a lot of material related to the show online. I found the map designed by the production to build the set. This will be my starting point to get the walls and the main assets in place. A fair amount of rewatch and screenshots of the show will probably be necessary for the details.

Right now I made sure my scaling system was ok between 3D Max and Unity and I made some assets starting with the computer … of course 🙂